Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns

Protect your dental work with porcelain crowns created by our cosmetic dentistry team….

Instead of visiting an expensive specialist for your next dental crown, Dr. Gayken can offer this service in conjunction with your original restoration work.Dental Crowns

A Crown Provides a Variety of Benefits

Dental crowns can enhance the appearance of teeth and protect teeth that have large fillings, fractures, or decay.

Crowns are also used to give a single tooth a complete makeover when cosmetic defects are present. The seating process is a surgical-free procedure and causes little discomfort.

Crowns are generally a two visit procedure:

  • The first visit to prepare the tooth and take impressions.
  • The second visit is to deliver the crown. In between visits, a temporary restoration is worn.

A Natural Look

Crowns are often referred to as dental caps. However, today’s porcelain crowns are nothing like the older, metallic caps that you may have had as a child. Modern porcelain crowns are custom-made to match your natural teeth perfectly in both structure and color. This realistic, permanent cover provides an attractive dental fixture to make your tooth look like new while making it physically stronger. A crown simply covers your existing tooth instead of completely replacing it.

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